Simple. Dependable. Secure.

Three little words… That’s what we bring to the table.

A well designed network, no matter the complexity, should be described in such words. They should also describe the relationship you have with the company that manages your network.

So how do we do it? Simple.

– Single point of contact for service requests.
– Proactive systems management services.
– Wealth of knowledge, experience and dedication.


– Sales and Technical Support
– Installation and Upgrades
– Network Design, Implementation and Management
– Network Security Assessment and Remediation
– Disaster Recovery Planning and Guidance
– Regulatory Compliant Solutions for Banking and Healthcare Clients


Established in 2005,  Information Technology Consultants of Oklahoma (ITCOK) has been providing information technology services to SMBs in the Tulsa Metro area.

With 17+ years supporting Banking, Healthcare and BackOffice Information Systems,  we offer regulatory compliant solutions to organizations that need it and those that want it.  For those that don’t… we do that too.

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